Receive a perfumed book upon HK$1,800; Decorative gift set upon HK$3,000. Limited quantity while stocks last.
Receive a perfumed book upon HK$1,800; Decorative gift set upon HK$3,000. Limited quantity while stocks last.


THE BAZAAR, a place of wonders
At 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, diptyque shook up a traditional Parisian neighborhood by creating a delightfully new and wonderous experience: a concept-store, or bazaar as it was called in years past.

Christmas 1961. The fabric they created didn’t seem to have any buyers. Our artistic innovators didn’t have a firm grasp of commerce, but they sure knew how to create great displays…


Little Stories


At 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, the music sets the tone. One day, Mozart was playing in the shop and a music connoisseur asked, “Who’s the director?” A young sales clerk replied, “Yves Coueslant, one of the diptyque founders, ma’am”. The surprised customers then said, “Coueslant? Don’t know him.” So, the store manager clarified, “The conductor is Daniel Barenboim.” Reassured, the woman went about blissfully collecting her purchases in the store of wonders.


A case of almond scented candles. Although the customer is American, she is perfectly at home in the boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. She knows exactly what she wants. Everything was packaged up and ready to go in no time . "Would you like to fill out the duty-free form?" asked the sales person. "No thanks, the limo’s double parked and my private jet is waiting at Le Bourget". "Ah, where are you heading?” "Home, to Texas, where my whole ranch runs on diptyque fragrances, you know!"

THE ART of living through the senses
Theatre, music, painting as well as gardening, fabric, picnics and more! Diptyque’s world is made up of powerful emotions and delicate pleasures, art and the art of living.

In 1964, the Maison’s initial forays into the world of beauty were British imports: eaux de toilette by Penhaligon’s – a British luxury perfume house – the intriguing vinaigre de toilette and Violet Oatmeal face masks by Rimmel. Cosmetics according to diptyque were already starting to infuse.


ECLECTIC diptyque
Our founders’ creativity was fueled by their insatiable curiosity and the secret gardens they always kept in bloom.

Desmond never stopped painting, Yves travelled the world with passion, Christiane had a thing for architecture…


SECRET gardens
Our founders’ secret gardens were not always metaphorical. Literally and figuratively, plants and flowers, trees and fruit nourished their creativity, reminding them of their childhood gardens…

…Blackcurrant, raspberry and redcurrant bushes… As a child, Christiane sat under a weeping willow in her family’s garden in La Ferté-Alais, her lips stained pink from delicious indulgences, contemplating her shadow in the water: Ombre dans l’eau.


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