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A signature scent…

... and the iconic number 34.

34 Boulevard Saint-Germain embodies Diptyque's sophisticated and creative way of life. Like the spirit of the 5th arrondissement in Paris, its scent is elegant and stylish.
Fresh notes of mosses are lifted by oriental spices, floral and woody notes.

A distinctive eclecticism.




Embellished with pearls inspired by Christiane Gautrot's necklaces, the scented wax oval releases the signature scent of the Maison. All the creative energy of Paris' 5th arrondissement captured in small spaces.

34 Boulevard Saint-Germain

The Maison's signature scent is one of a kind. Expressing in countless ways, the creative and artistic passion of diptyque.
A sophisticated, luxurious collection to explore.

In the legendary Diptyque boutique…

… at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, the founders presented treasures from their travels and their creations of all kinds.

As eclectic artists and travel companions in the 1960s, they turned Number 34 into a chic bazaar brimming with unique items and rare fragrances.

The boutique was made in their image:
a place of art and culture, undoubtedly Parisian, where aesthetes and the curious would flock to discover unusual scents and pieces.



34 hours of Diptyque…

… go by across these pages.

In this art book, the 5th arrondissement of Paris—the Maison's birthplace—is revealed second by second, frame by frame, according to the chronophotographic art rule book. Between monuments, alleyways, and fountains, it is an exploration of 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain's surroundings.

Inimitable space and time.

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