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Pyjama L'Eau S/M


Inspired by the history of the Maison’s iconic perfumes – Do Son, L'Eau and L'Ombre dans l'Eau – Pierre Marie has created three motifs in dyed textile for the diptyque bazaar. Each piece is painstakingly assembled in a garment workshop in Burgundy.

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Sleeve length (from shoulders sewing) : 65 cm // Stature : 42 cm
Waist elasticated size : 72-86 cm // Pants length (from waist) : 105 cm

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An ornamentalist and illustrator at heart, Pierre Marie’s holistic approach resembles that of 19th century French “ensemblier” interior designers, and finds its full expression in his collaborations with artisans and manufacturing companies. Committed to motif and design, his creations blend narrative and ornamental elements and are noted for their baroque profusion. His creativity finds its way onto every kind of surface, tirelessly enhancing and refining the tradition of the decorative arts. Pierre Marie draws regularly on nature, folklore and animated films for his inspiration, and has a particular passion for the Maison diptyque. To him, our history represents a limitless creative playing field.



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