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Amber INTERIOR & EXTERIOR Candle 1,5kg

Family: Woody
Amber INTERIOR & EXTERIOR Candle 1,5kg
Family: Woody

The lucky amber scent, known for its protective virtues, is cast in a giant limited-edition jar. Entirely handmade in the Virebent workshops, this terracotta pot has metallic reflections reminiscent of the colour of the famous resin. Each candle is presented in a signature box, perfect for gifting.

1.5kg of wax

Made in France
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diptyque partnered with the porcelain factory Virebent, labeled as a "Living Heritage Company" for the creation of this giant pot with copper highlights, reminiscent of the sun's energy. From ancient times, amber was known to hold protective energies, to ward off the evil eye and harmful influences.

Please note the level of wax in the candle can vary, this is due to the hand-crafted nature of the candles.

Raw materials

Olfactory accident

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