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Eau de Parfum Eau Capitale Limited Edition

An excess of lush roses precedes the freshness of bergamot notes, accented by bright pink berries. Its undertone is patchouli, bringing together a fragrance at once defiant and free. A chypre and mysterious accord with a thousand facets in homage to Paris, the city of a thousand faces.

For the holidays, Eau Capitale is regally presented in in an exclusive box designed to match the drawing on the bottle, with its emblematic roses and a peacock fanning its feathers. The result is a visual and olfactory theatre -- a limited edition treat for others or simply for yourself.


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Did you know?

Chypre is representative of a class of fragrance historically considered to be part of one of the world’s first perfumeries in ancient Cyprus. Francois Coty is credited to have re-popularized the scent with his popular “Chypre” perfume created in 1917.

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