The Summer Collection

Summer Limited Edition
Citronnelle (Lemongrass) - Extra-Large Candle Perfect for relaxing summer evenings
Extra large +1 Model
Summer Limited Edition
Ilio - Face and body mist A summery infusion. A new scented ritual.
Summer Limited Edition
Ilio - Hair mist ‘Ilio’ is Greek for sun.
Summer Limited Edition
Ilio - Eau de toilette A fruity wash of summer-tinged skin scent
Summer Limited Edition
Citronnelle (Lemongrass) - Classic Candle Diptyque’s signature summer scent
Classic +1 Model
Limited edition Flame-blown
Blue Ribbed candle holder - For classic candles Blue shimmer for a full-summer immersion.
Classic +4 Models
Limited edition
Blue Medici vase - Small Summer wax. The House's iconic vase in a gorgeous Mediterranean blue.
Small +3 Models
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