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New: Roses Hourglass Diffuser refill 2.0

New: Roses Hourglass Diffuser refill 2.0

- A rose freshly plucked from the garden, brimming with natural fragrance.
To refill the diffuser, simply remove the cap from the refill containing the original fragrance and screw it onto the part of the bottle with the diffusion system. Many more relaxing scented hours now await!
Recommended use
1. Remove the cap from the refill container. 2. Assemble the two glass sections. The bottle containing the fragrance should be at the lower section of the hourglass diffuser. The empty section equipped with the diffusion system screws onto the refill containing the fragrance. Screw tight. 3. Turn the hourglass over to begin the diffusion cycle. During the cycle, silence… do not disturb! Do not turn over the object! We also strongly advise avoiding placing the hourglass directly on surface fragments such as wood, old paintings, marble.


$60.00 /2.5 fl. oz.

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