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Infused Face Oil

Family: Floral

Infused Face Oil

This limited edition packaged Infused Face Oil, celebrates the Centifolia rose and the Damascena rose. Infused with Damascena rose petals that restore the skin's vitality, it also boosts radiance as it revitalizes and smoothes the skin.
Boosts radiance, revitalizes, and smoothes Infused with white iris extract and Damascena rose petals, this dry oil restores the skin's natural vitality. With each use, lines become fainter, revealing the skin's healthy radiance. White iris extract, combined with plant oils, nourishes the skin while smoothing its texture and restoring its glow. Infused into this light and non-greasy formula, Damascena rose petals revitalize and hydrate, increasing efficacy. Its fragrance Masses of rose petals, nourished with bitter almond extract, and a delicate hint of powdery iris. Recommended use There are many ways to use this Infused Face Oil: in the morning, apply 1 to 2 drops to a freshly cleansed face. At night, massage 3 to 4 drops into the face for a relaxing moment of well-being. To enhance the skin's radiance, add a drop of Infused Face Oil to your face cream, blending it in the palm of your hand.


$70.00 /30ml

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