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NEW: Ôponé Eau de Parfum

Family: 34 Collection

NEW: Ôponé Eau de Parfum

Opone was an ancient port in Somalia. On the spice route, travellers would stop there, unloading and loading balms and essences. There is an incessant ballet of aromas and colours concentrated in this fragrance. At the centre, like a backbone, an extreme concentration of Turkish rose. In its trail, it takes on spicy, leathery and woody accents, like a traveller carrying fragranced treasures. He is ready to leave with the next caravan, settling in between bags of saffron and cumin, placing his head against rolls of embroidered silk. The journey to the next town will be long.

At diptyque, patterns have always been a defining element. Here the Thaumatrope print adorns the oval box as well as the fabric pouch housing the perfume bottle. This irresistable jewel case transforms into a treasure box.

Did you know?
Opone evoked an idealised Orient celebrated by a number of poets and storytellers, such as Antoine Galland, who brought One Thousand and One Nights to the court of Louis XIV via his translation.

Olfactory Collection: Floral
Raw materials: Rose, Guaiac wood
Olfactory Accident: Black Pepper

Discover diptyque’s iconic fragrances without hesitation Each fragrance purchase will now include a matching sample. Use the sample to test the fragrance on your skin before opening the full-size bottle. We will gladly accept unopened returns within 14 days of original purchase.


$250.00 /3.4. fl. oz.