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Ofrésia (50 ml)

Family: Floral

Ofrésia (50 ml)

Ofrésia brings to mind a garden on the coast of Normandy, a marvellously fragrant combination of plant notes. Of all flowers, the one that most easily attracts attention for its scent is freesia. It resembles white crocus, but its fragrance is extraordinary: heady but fresh, powerful but subtle. Ofrésia plays upon its olfactory contradictions. Here, the innocent freshness and floral delicacy of freesia mingle with a devilishly spicy and heady black pepper. It is a contrast between black and white, the meeting of a spice and a flower.

Did you know?
Freesia is a “mute” flower, which means that no essential oil can be extracted from it and its scent must be reproduced using other raw materials.

Olfactory collection: floral
Raw materials: white freesia, carnation, guaiac wood
Olfactory accident: black pepper

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$98.00 /50 ml

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