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Southern Spirit

Great Bear
of the Mountains of the South,
Leave your cave,
and open your mouth,
Come near to the sound of the bell,
See the nice offering you like so well.
Eat this tasty almond paste,
May its flavor loosen your tongue with haste.
Reveal to us the Legend
the North.

Exquisite Almond Candle

Oh Shine, Exquisite Almond candle, Sound the Bell of the Bear Spirit and ward off the greedy hour spreading in the air delicious volutes of almond and tonka bean.


Western Spirit

Amber Balm Candle

Burn, Amber Balm candle! May the wind rise, bring with it the song of the Mermaid, and the perfume of her pearly hair. A gracious accord between vanilla and benzoin, enhanced by the freshness of lavender.


mermaid of the sea
Far west of the land you be,
You who appear only by moonlight
Guide me through the mist this night
Dance to the rhythm of your pearly mane,
Where eternal amber is contained
Before the rays of sun appear…
Reveal to us the Legend
of the North.

Eastern Spirit

Deer Spirit,
in the green Eastern wood,
Near and dear to all that’s good. This midnight hour is so very black,
Light up the trees to push the shadows back.
Illuminate this path of mine,
Across this carpet of fragrant pine.
So by this spell,
Reveal to us the Legend
the North.

Pine Tree of Light Candle

What lights up the Pine Tree of Light candle, so that the stag spirit appears in the twilight forest! From this light is born the captivating scent of fir trees, warmed by the delicate, neighboring cedars.

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