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Limited Edition  Eau Rose Solid Perfume

Family: Floral

Limited Edition  Eau Rose Solid Perfume

- Rose Damascena, Rose Centifolia, Lychee, Ambroxan -
The “queen” reveals herself. Mischievously peeking out from under the dew, awakened by the lychee. Sumptuous at the sun’s zenith, with the alliance of the Centifolia and Damascena roses. Mysterious at dusk, embellished with the scents of honey and cedar.
The solid perfume is a refined and easily portable product that can be applied discreetly to commonly fragranced areas such as the neck, the décolleté and the wrists. For Valentine’s Day, diptyque has partnered with Antoinette Poisson, a creator and restorer of domino paper. In honour of this holiday, Antoinette Poisson has designed two exclusive motifs, one floral and the other geometrical, to decorate the containers and pouches of this collection.


$50.00 /One Size

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