Unlock the diptyque Archive Collection on August 22nd…
Unlock the diptyque Archive Collection on August 22nd…


USD $495

Contemporary Artisans.
Imagined exclusively for and with diptyque by a duo of creatives from Milano, this reversible objectis always unique, its patterns always random.
Hand-blown and shaped, a vase and a photophore were fused into one during firing-up. Hints of a candle's oval label peek through th photophore's speckled blue and yellow beauty. Hand-crafted by the artisans of a family-run studio in Venice.
This Photophore-Vase can be used:
- as a photophore for 190g candles; and, turned upside-down...
- as a beautiful vase.
Limited Edition.

Size : 10 x 29 cm

Made in Italy

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USD $495


Stories of Italy’s designer, Dario Buratto, revisits artisanal techniques from Venice's unique heritage to create singularly contemporary decorative objects. For diptyque, he has developed an exclusive collection of goblets and vases that reinterpret an ancient glassblowing technique known as Macchia su Macchia ("layer by layer"). The opaque and the transparent merge into the most colorful patterns created by the successive application of pigments and shards of colored glass. This technique also evokes the marble and mosaic styles so in vogue in antique Italy.


Murano Glass

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