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Lucky Flowers Candle

Family: Spicy
Lucky Flowers Candle
Family: Spicy

diptyque has created three new candles, each carrying a wish for the new year: protection, luck, and harmony. Our Lucky Flowers candle brings good luck to those who light it. Its notes of rose, clove and anise are used to start the year off on the right note. Symbols of good fortune from around the world such as the four-leaf clover and maneki-neko cat adorn this candle, while the red color brings us the energy needed to seize its luck.

This 190g candle can be decorated with a carrousel


Made in France
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diptyque invites you to discover a universe of lucky charms where protection, luck and harmony are our wishes for the new year. The scent and colors of the three candles of the collection are rich in virtues, rites and meanings. The olfactory notes of the Lucky Flowers candle are related to three different ways of attracting luck. By crushing rose petals, the ancient diviners predicted luck, love or success; in the Middle East, the smoke of clove purified the home; and in the South of France, anise seeds were thrown on married couples to wish them prosperity. The symbolic figures of the Lucky Flowers candle come from cultures here and elsewhere. In Asian myths, the elephant brings success in everything that one undertakes. Every morning the elephant greets the sun with his trunk, and every evening the moon, so that these stars are favorable to humans. The maneki-neko cat, who waves his paw, the four-leaf clover and the golden daffodil, promote wealth. Red attracts the necessary energies and reinforces dynamism and the vital force.

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