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The metamporphosis of a candle's flame.
Designed for diptyque by the Jean-Marc Gady studio, this object pays tribute to the lens invented by Augustin Fresnel: the candle's flame is defracted, creating a halogen effect.
Hand-crafted by a master glassblower in the valley of Bresle.
Posed on a glass stand.
For use with 190g candles.

Height: 17 cm, Diameter: 10 cm

Made in France
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USD $380
USD $380

Did you know?

Founder of modern optics, Augustin Fresnel is the inventor of the lens that allows the headlights to diffract the light and propel it powerfully to the furthest boats. This technology is intertwined with the 34 collection thanks to the glassmaker Waltersperger and Studio Jean-Marc Gady, who makes the photophore via a semi-automatic process,before being completed by hand. An exceptional object to amplify the aura of his house. 

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