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eau capitale perfumed ceramics

Family: Chypre
eau capitale perfumed ceramics
Family: Chypre

The perfumed ceramic is slipped into the compartment behind the brooch and diffuses the chypre and floral fragrance of Eau Capitale.

Purchase comes with four (4) Eau Capitale perfumed ceramics

Brooch sold separately.

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Remove the ceramic disk from its resealable bag. Open the compartment behind the brooch. Place the ceramic disk inside and close it tightly..


To preserve the olfactory qualities of the ceramic disk, put it back in its resealable bag after use and change it every month. WARNING: Do not re-scent the ceramic disk. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store the ceramic disks or place them near a flame or heat source. Do not place them directly on a fragile surface or fabric. Available with the following fragrances: Eau Capitale, Do Son, Eau Rose and Fleur de Peau.

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