Discover our new Reed Diffusers...
Discover our new Reed Diffusers...

Eau Rose

Pick up the petals of a rose, add its green leaves, its stem, and don’t forget its buds. Immerse in clear water and wait to reveal its rosy delicateness, fruity accents and acidulated green notes... Eau Rose is composed like an infusion of the finest damascena and centifolia roses. It pays tribute to the flower itself.

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  1. New
    Set of 3 Eau Rose hand creams
    USD $128
  2. Best-seller
    Eau Rose Hair mist
    USD $55
  3. Eau Rose perfumed soap
    USD $35
  4. Eau Rose Hand Cream 45ml
    USD $45
  5. Best-seller
    Eau Rose Shower Foam
    USD $45
  6. Eau Rose Hand Emulsion
    USD $56
    Out of stock
  7. Best-seller
    Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion
    USD $56
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