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Magical destinations expressed as fragrance. Paris, Venice, Milies, Kyoto and Byblos come to life in five perfumed creations, in a limited-edition. Destinations that have inspired candles, perfumes, and scented ovals. Enjoy the trip.

Our journey opens in Paris, in a landscape of ink and paper created by a forest of large scrolls of varying sizes, all showing drawings of views of the capital city taken from the archives of the Maison. Tempting you to take a stroll, these large illustrated sheets of paper are perfumed with the scent of the Paris candle.

The Paris Candle
The Paris Candle
$105 Discover

Next, we plunge into a green botanical Venice, lively and filled with the scents of the gardens of the laguna as captured in the Venice Eau de Toilette. All around, the scent of Venise envelopes the visitor, as images of the watery city come to life on a mirrored wall, creating an immersive vista that’s truer to life than nature itself.

The Venise Eaux de Toilette
The Venise Eaux de Toilette
$95 Discover

Ahead, nestled in colored earthenware or displayed on steles, scented ovals bearing the Milies scent release the fresh, sunny fragrance of the Greek stopover. Visitors only need to lean in to catch this scent, characteristic of the sea, the mountains, and the fields of fig trees. A surprise awaits, ceramic ovals wait for visitors to take away and perfume with the fragrance of their choice at the end of their journey

The Milies Scented Oval
The Milies Scented Oval
$70 Discover

An arch of flowers shelters a space dedicated to Kyoto, birthplace of ikebana. The diptyque perfume dedicated to the art is here presented on pedestals that diffuse it throughout this space. A rare opportunity presented to discover more about this artform and learn about the art of bouquet creation in accordance with the extremely precise codes of this age-old Japanese art

The Kyoto Eau de Toilette
The Kyoto eau de toilette
$190 discover

As we proceed, our visit continues to Byblos. A small shelter made of woven rope emits street noises and a variety of other sounds as we are lured softly in by the clamour and ambience of the worlds oldest port. At its center is a large pot made of hammered copper and filled with coffee, with the Byblos candle atop. Two scents of the Byblos candle and the perfumed sides of the shelter invite the visitor to savor a unique moment that stimulates every sense.

The Byblos Candle
The Byblos Candle
$165 discover

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