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Peking duck luggage tag


Fully hand-embroidered in cannetille on felt, light-hearted and poetic - Macon & Lesquoy have drawn inspiration from the precision and quality of military badges, bringing a touch of imagination to long journeys and day-to-day travels with this luggage tag and its peking duck motif.

The leather strap used for attaching it has been treated with a non-polluting vegetable tanning process that uses only natural substances found in the bark, leaves or sap of plants.

Diameter : 7 cm

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Macon & Lesquoy is the common dream of two vibrant and imaginative women with a taste for the whimsical, a friendship that serves as the playground for their creative dialogue. With patches, brooches, belts, necklaces, handbag charms, and many more colourful and daring accessories, they dazzle our everyday lives with humour and poetry. Their encounter with diptyque began by imagining a scented purled brooch. A few years later, they reunited to create a series of bag charms and luggage tags, both houses mirroring each other’s inclination for poetic luxury with a touch of humour.



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