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Iris Candle 190g

Family: Floral
Iris Candle 190g
Family: Floral

The whimsical scent of iris blossom that borrows its lightness from gossamer-thin layers of powder, and its soft elegance from fine leather gloves perfumed with its rhizomes. The plant’s legendary scent is concentrated in its roots, which are traditionally used in perfumery.

190 g

Made in France
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Choose one candle, then pair it with another to discover their unexpected olfactory alchemy, which seems to reinvent each scent as it creates a third.

Iris and Waxed Wood duo: A Florentine palace during the Renaissance. Florence during the Quattrocento of Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. Behind the high walls of a palace, corridors open onto an endless series of salons and galleries. The powdery fragrance of leather scented with iris softens the resinous accents of waxed parquet floors and paneling, evoking the magnificence of the Italian court during the Renaissance. Discover the Waxed Wood candle

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