Hand care set

Hand care set
This set contains everything needed to take care of the hands: the comforting wash solution gently cleanses the hands while the velvet emulsion wraps them in a light and velvety veil.

Contains: Softening Hand Wash 300ml, Velvet Hand Lotion 250ml

Made in France
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The art of diptyque care is a sensory journey through textures and rituals. The comforting wash solution cleanses, soothes, and gives softness back to hands. The organic lavender floral water calms, purifies and repairs the skin, the organic rosemary floral water cleanses, while the lavender honey, rich in mineral salts and fatty acids, moisturises. The diptyque velvet hand lotion moisturises and envelops your hands with a light and impalpable veil. The floral water of organic immortelle regenerates with anti-radical virtues, and the floral water of chamomile repairs, protects and soothes the skin on your hands, while the organic sesame oil, an anti-oxidant rich in oily acids, moisturises and softens the skin.

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