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Limited Edition lid for 190g candle

Limited Edition lid for 190g candle

Gripoix Paris shapes, transforms, and pours glass by hand through exceptional training. Exploring the universe of lucky charms, diptyque and Gripoix Paris imagined this candle lid decorated with the symbols of the collection, made of glass paste and gliding with 24 carat gold.This decorative object also protects the candles.

Weight: 80g, suitable for 190g diptyque candles.

Made in France
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Gripoix Paris, artisans at the Place des Victoires, handle glass with an exceptional expertise. Their creations are entirely handmade according to techniques combining both tradition and modernity. Each symbol on this cover represent a wish for the new year: the shooting star carries protection, the four-leaf clover - luck, and the ladybug symblolises harmony.

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