Blending tradition and modernity, Laboratorio Paravicini has created crockery that combines antique stylings with everyday functionality. The pieces are handmade and decorated with a technique known as "Gran Fuoco sulla Terraglia Bianca" (high-temperature glost-firing on white earthenware), which allows the company to create decorations that are vibrant, indelible and non-toxic.

Diameter: 25 cm

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Made in Italy


Laboratorio Paravicini was founded in the early 90s in Milan, born out of Costanza Paravicini's desire to create plates and other crockery in an antique style, but suitable for everyday use. A wonderful way to combine tradition and modernity; the embodiment of elegance. Inspired by the Mediterranean, its colours and aromas, Laboratorio Paravicini has created an exclusive collection of earthenware plates and soap dishes, handmade and decorated using a technique known as "gran fuoco sulla terraglia bianca", where white earthenware is fired to a high temperature, resulting in bright, indelible and non-toxic decorations.


Hand-decorated earthenware


Dishwasher safe

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