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Othoniel Rosa candle 190g

Family: Woody
Othoniel Rosa candle 190g
Family: Woody

To mark the occasion of the Parisian exhibition " The Rose of the Louvre " by Jean-Michel Othoniel, diptyque has collaborated with the artist to create an exclusive candle honouring the queen of flowers. It features peppery rose underscored by the pungent, slightly smoky scent of vetiver, the limited-edition candle also features the artist's work.

Exclusively available on diptyqueparis.com and in diptyque boutiques.


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The design of the candle is inspired by Jean-Michel Othoniel’s exhibition "The Rose of the Louvre." He highlights a reinterpretation of a single vivid red rose painted by Rubens in the painting ‘The Marriage of Mary of Medici and Henry IV’, the flower which Othoniel chose as the iconic flower of the Louvre. This queen of flowers is a symbol of sensuality, power and passion; it embodies the essence of the fate of Mary of Medici, her passion, the history of France and the Louvre Museum.

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