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Blissful Amber Candle

Family: Spicy
Blissful Amber Candle
Family: Spicy

diptyque has created three new candles, each carrying a wish for the new year: protection, luck and harmony. Light our Blissful Amber candle to find serenity and balance. The scent mixes amber, geranium and lavender blended with softness of musk. The colour blue symbolises wisdom and peacefulness for the festive season and the year to come.

This 190g candle can be decorated with a carrousel.


Made in France
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Discover the universe of lucky charms, where protection, luck and harmony are at the heart of this year’s collection and our Maison’s wishes to you for the new year. The scents and colours of the three candles are rich in tales, rites and virtues. The olfactory notes of Blissful Amber echo myths found around the world. In Persian poetry, musk is the scent of paradise; during the Middle Ages in Europe, one inhaled the haunting scent of amber to reinvigorate the spirit. As for geranium and lavender, they are known for their relaxing virtues. The swallow that adorns the candle carries the message of love and serenity, the symbolism coming from the West. In China, the crane played the same role. And the horseshoe, that sailors used to hang on the mast of their boat to dispel storms, celebrates good health and happiness. The colour blue, being the colour of the sky signifies wisdom, purity of feelings and fidelity.

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