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Barbotine eglantine cup

The Faïencerie de Lunéville-Saint-Clément (Lunéville-Saint-Clément pottery works) was originally founded in the 1710s. Its moment of fame came in 1785 during the reign of Louis XVI, when it supplied 2,000 “à la Reine” pots for the Petit Trianon. Starting in 1816, ownership and control of the pottery works passed progressively into the hands of the Thomas family, who continued the tradition of artistic pottery throughout the 19th century and through to the present day.

Diameter : 12 cm

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The Faïencerie de Lunéville-Saint-Clément is renowned for decorations in barbotine. This means using barbotine (diluted clay paste) to add relief designs in to a piece of pottery. Items thus decorated are referred to in French as “barbotines”.



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