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An evocative name. A name which hints at melodious sounds. Yet a name that hides its true purpose. As behind it is an exceptional object, both sophisticated in its design and technique, simple yet innovative. It very naturally takes its place in the diptyque collection of household scents. This innovation uses contemporary, mobile technology to diffuse selected interior fragrances representing all the scent families.


The design of the object itself is distinguished by its plain, timeless appearance, clearly part of the decorative world of diptyque. Minutely and carefully designed in noble, gentle and precise ceramic and metal, with superlative functional features. This object beautifully expresses an essential desire and proven expertise.


This is what makes this diffuser truly original and exclusive. The ingenious, hermetically-sealed capsules, oval-shaped and printed with diptyque’s symbolic codes. The perfumed capsules contain a specific scent that is note-perfect. Simply slide one into the diffuser, then switch it on by pressing the top, the small fan inside will diffuse the scent 3 times during a 1-hour cycle (10 minutes, active, 10 minutes rest). Repeat as often as you wish.


Designed especially for the electric diffuser, these capsule perfumes reinvent the art of home fragrances at diptyque. A scent, a sensation, an imagined journey, an evocative world that goes far beyond the name... Five perfumes, each representing a diptyque symbolic scent easy to blend in any setting, suburban, bohemian or contemporary...


The white ceramic cover brings a decorative craftsmanship dimension.


The technical heart of the diffuser is hidden by an exquisitely detailed copper screen.


When a release cycle has begun, a white LED lights up on the side of the device.


To start a fragrance release cycle, simply press on the top of the diffuser. To stop the fragrance release cycle, press the top of the diffuser again. Air currents passing through the capsule is what releases the fragrance. No perfume touches the inside or outside of the diffuser. The diffuser shuts off automatically after a 60-minute cycle.


Remove the ceramic cover. Pull up on the refill support using the special tab, then slide the refill into the support ring.


A collection of 5 fragrances : Figuier, Baies, 34 boulevard saint germain, Feu de Bois and Ambre.

Open the packet and remove the cartridge. Keep the packet to use for storing the cartridge after use. The cartridge is interchangeable at any time, as the diffuser does not retain any traces of the previously used fragrance cartridge. A fragrance cartridge will last for 40 hours of continuous use.


The battery recharges in four hours. After charging, the battery will last up to: 8 hours or 8 cycles of diffusion (60 min per cycle)

A COLLECTION OF FIVE FRAGRANCES Designed especially for the electric diffuser, these ingenious capsules, contain a specific scent that is note-perfect. A pure, faithful, long lasting note, ideal for large areas.') ?>

FIGUIER (Fig Tree) If it was a landscape, it would be the Mediterranean in summer. A sunny atmosphere bathed in light; a dry, salutary wind caressing a charming, simple building. Pale hills contrasting with the blue of the sky and a vague shade of green. A moment of relaxation all to yourself, with a classic novel lying open, its pages softly blown by the sea breeze.') ?>

BAIES (Berries) A landscape of English gardens. A few freshly picked red or violet fruits, carelessly laid on a crumpled tablecloth. Old-fashioned pots of jam and the tender colours of a Thomas Gainsborough painting. A house covered in ivy next to a river, with weeping willows reflected in the water. An abundance of blooming roses which perfume the air. Delicately romantic.') ?>

AMBRE (Amber) An ancient palace at nightfall, illuminated by a crescent moon. The remains of an ancient statue, almost buried by the drifts of sand. A bronzed light bursts forth through the Mashrabiya windows. The Orient in all its majesty and age-old opulence, as described in Arabian Nights.') ?>

FEU DE BOIS (Fire Wood) The snowy steppe calls you to the comfort of a spicy, scalding hot mug of tea, brewed on a smoky samovar. The warm, captivating flames of a fireplace in a welcoming dacha, lulled by the sound of a Tchaikovsky piano sonata. A residue of rustic resins wafts from a kilim rug, with its patterns and colours faded with time. Old-fashioned sepia images with an unusual charm.') ?>

34 BOULEVARD SAINT GERMAIN Paris is a party in a lively, cosy salon on the Left Bank, with writers sitting on the quayside. A Robert Doisneau print come to life. A few praline macaroons to go with a glass of champagne and an English cigarette. Anything goes when you’re this Bohemian. Take a stroll through the Jardins de Bagatelle or go to the Palais Garnier to see an intimate opera. Aspire to the intellectual.') ?>

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