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Eau Duelle Eau de Parfum

Family: Spicy

Eau Duelle Eau de Parfum

An ode to travel and vanilla. Promises of dreams and faraway horizons, Eau Duelle takes the original vanilla bean for a voyage along the spice route. With legendary stops in Goa, Carthage, Venice and Babylon, its perfume takes on new dimensions: the luminous, addictive accents of calamus contrast with the dark, smoky nuances of cypriol. Travelling through time and over borders, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar reveals itself here between darkness and light.

In the eau de parfum, Bourbon vanilla preserves all of its duality, revealing a denser, spicy facet while creating a new form of addiction.

Did you know?
The vanilla bean is the fruit of the orchid flower. Harvested while still green, it must undergo a maturation process of thirty-four months: it is dried slowly so that all of its subtle, sweet perfume can develop fully.
Olfactory collection: oriental
Raw materials: vanilla, pink peppercorn, cypriol
Olfactory accident: calamus

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$175.00 /75ml

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