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Eau de toilette Eau des Hespérides

Family: Citrus

Eau de toilette Eau des Hespérides

In Greek mythology, the Hesperides were the nymph guardians of a garden with precious “golden apples”: citrus fruits. Divinities, zests, gaiety... the ingredients and spirit needed to design a perfume with a sparkling, green freshness: the fruit scents become stronger with spicy notes and gain a new vivacity that is dapper and diabolically elegant.

Did you know?
There were three Hesperides: Aegle, Erytheia and Hesperia. The citrus fruits that they guarded had several virtues, including the power to bestow beauty and bring down fever.

Olfactory collection: citrus
Raw materials: bitter orange, lemon, peppermint
Olfactory accident: immortelle

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$140.00 /3.4. fl. oz.

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