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Damask Rose

Message: True Love 
Among the Greeks and Romans, the rose was associated with Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love and beauty. According to legend, it was originally white (symbolizing pority) but it turned red when Cupid accidentally spilled a glass of wine on it, transforming it into a symbol of passion.
Discovered in ancient Syria by the Crusaders during the Middle Ages, it was considered to be soothing for the soul and its precious essence was said to have rejuvenating powers. It is now primarily grown in Bulgaria, in the Valley of the Roses. It must be harvested at dawn so the sun does not diminish its remarkable freshness.
Every perfumer’s pet, the rose’s olfactive sophistication is absolutely inimitable. On the one hand it’s sparkling and fruity, on the other it’s spicy and warm with a heart note that can be deeply woody or sweet as honey – appealing in many ways to both men and women alike.
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