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Message: Affection and Commitment 
In Arabic, "Yasameen" means white flower, which in turn embodies feminine beauty and temptation. In Asia, jasmine is considered a heavently flower. In India, Kama, the goddess of love, strikes her victims with a jasmine-laced arrow. Both the seductive and the sacred aspects of jasmine bring to mind the fascinating color of the Orient.
Jasmine originally comes from the East Indies but has been cultivated in Yemen since the time of the famous Queen of Sheba, a thousand years before Christ. It later spread to Spain and Italy before settling in the Grasse region of France in the 16th century.
Jasmine vacillates between freshness and opulence. Green and exhilarating at sunrise, the flower emanates warm vanilla aromas around midday, and by the evening, it whispers surprisingly sensual, animal-like overtones.
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