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Orange Blossom

Message: As pure as it is beautiful 
Referred to as golden apples in mythology, Jupiter offered oranges to Junon on their wedding day. The orange blossom symbolizes the eternal bond of marriage.
The bigaradier is a precious little tree native to China and India. Over the years, it spread to Arabia, Palestine and Egypt where poets situated the Garden of Hesperides. In Italy, orange blossom essence became rather fashionable after the princess of Neroli began using it to perfume her bath and gloves. Choisya is the Mexican name for orange blossom.
The bitter orange tree (or bigaradier) yields many wonderful essences used in the perfume industry including: orange blossom water, orange blossom absolute, neroli oil and petit grain. The blooms radiate a fresh, reassuring scent, as gentle as a delicate caress.
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