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Innovation By
Exploring One’s
Innermost Identity.

As the logical outcome of this reflection, The 34 Collection was born. Revisiting diptyque’s identity and story to express new facets characterised by a joyful modernity. Being curious, being inspired by encounters while pushing ever forward on the quest for beauty and truth. Cultivating excellence.

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A Thousand Flowers...

Inspired by “a thousand flowers” – an age-old tradition among master perfumers, fragrances composed of the year’s flowers and plants – Essences Insensées a fleeting fragrance whose origins lie on the hillsides of Grasse, an exceptional mimosa enhanced by May rose and heliotrope.

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and Timeless

To turn this unique fragrance into a  perfume, a unique bottle also had to be found... diptyque embarked on a treasure hunt that led to the archives of a master glassmaker... One of the last in France to work traditionally by hand, Waltersperger.  The perfect bottle was finally found. Elegant, timeless and engraved with a pattern of leaves and flowers unquestionably reminiscent of mimosas.

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Following In The Tradition
Of Master Perfumers

Essences Insensées is also available as a solid perfume in keeping with cold enfleurage techniques, presented in a jewel case with a brass finish.

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Encounters Are At The
Heart Of The diptyque
Creative Process.

In 2011, for the perfume 34 boulevard saint germain, the collaboration of a perfumer and a «scent thief» was decisive in giving shape to the project.

L'Eau du

A lively interpretation of the original 34 boulevard saint germain, this lighter fragrance captures the essence of the original boutique combining green notes, spices and moss to give a new olfactory point of view to this emblematic line.