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«marchands de rien»

The 34 Bazaar revives the spirit of the first shop’s beginnings «marchands de rien» (merchant of everything). Creating refined objects that manifest a certain lifestyle, working the raw material to give rise to poetic and sensory wonders. The 34 Bazaar aspires to abundance and eclecticism, following a unique path, guided by desires, whims and a touch of curiosity.

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Landscape Candle Holder

A poetic encounter with raw materials... In a ceramic workshop in Portugal a craftsman mixes porcelain of two colours on the wheel: one black and one white.  Each cylinder is unique. The contrast of the two materials creates abstract landscapes where each viewer sees something different: mountain, river, forest.

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Leaves Candle Holder

Brass, a simple yet noble material. A plant inspired lace creates interplay between light and  metal. By day you can admire the material’s positive and negative spaces, its delicacy, its golden shine. At night, in the soft glow of a candle light and shadow are set in motion.

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Feather Candle Holder

Embossed with a peacock feather-inspired pattern. A pattern that also evokes fabric and almost invites you to touch the intricate pattern. When you light a candle, the pattern fully reveals itself, both graphic and delicate.

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Objects and

In the beginning, there was a vision. Of light, slender, poetic forms capable of imparting fragrance. Two powerful symbols: an oval a constant symbol throughout the world of diptyque. And a bird, a reference to «decoy» birds that the founders loved to paint with and sell in the shop.

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Poetic Stationary

Because patterns are at the heart of its story, because paper is a noble material, a medium for creation and dreaming, stationary is a natural addition to the collection. Notebooks, postcards and a perpetual calendar form a joyful and colourful collection.

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